Instant Pot vs. Power Pressure Cooker

Instant Pot vs. Power Pressure Cooker

In this post, we will provide you with the difference between the most wonderful kitchen appliances available in the market. Here, we will compare Instant Pot and Power Pressure cooker, so that you can decide which cooker is best suited for your kitchen.

There are a wide number of pressure cookers available in the market, hence, it is difficult to decide, which cooker will be able to satisfy your needs. In the last few years, a lot of wonderful kitchen appliances have been launched.

What is an Instant Pot?

Instapot is a simple programmable electric pressure cooker with great functionality. It can also be said that it is an upgraded version of a pressure cooker which you haven’t seen before.

Instapot is a multi-purpose pressure cooker, which can perform tasks of 7 different gadgets. It can be used as a rice cooker, a steamer, a yogurt maker, sauté, slow cooker, warmer and pressure cooker.

Instapot has become too much popular in the last three years. Here, we will, first of all, provide you with the pros and cons of an Instapot.

Pros of an Instapot

Stainless Steel Interior

As compared to various other electric pressure cookers, Instant Pot has a stainless steel interior. The exterior of the cooker is built of plastic, however, these parts never touch food. Moreover, it doesn’t possess Teflon or any other non-stick surfaces.

Multi-Purpose cooker

It is a multi-purpose cooker, it can perform tasks of various cookers such as rice cooker, pressure cooker, steamer, warmer, slow cooker, sauté, and yogurt maker.


Instant Pot will save a lot of your time. Using Instapot, you can cook a recipe which takes 6-8 hours in just 1-2 hours. You can cook roost food in just 40 minutes. This appliance is very much useful when you have less time.

Affordable Price

Instant Pot will save a lot of space, as it will replace 5 gadgets in your kitchen. Instapot is available at an affordable price.


Instapot consists of a wide number of options. Hence, it cooks food too quickly. Instant Pot can be programmed for up to 24 hours and a few pre-programmed options which are simple-to-use.

Energy Efficient

Similar to a normal pressure cooker, the difference is that heat-source is just electric. It doesn’t require a gas or electric stove, thus making it more energy efficient.

Simple to Clean

As the interior is made from stainless steel, it can be cleaned easily by hand and also it is dishwasher free.

Cons of Instant Pot

Upfront Cost

As said before, the price point of Instant Pot is suitable as it will replace various appliances, however, this doesn’t change the fact that it’s the original price is $200. However, if you already possess different cookers, then it is very hard to convince yourself to buy one more. It’s price various based on model.

Learning Curve

Instant possess a lot of functions, so you have to refer the instruction manual thoroughly if you are a beginner. Otherwise, you will commit a mistake. Moreover, you will become familiar with the device after using it more and more. By using it on regular basis, you will learn how to use the appliance effectively.

Lower PSI

The stove pressure cooker has an average PSI of 15. Electric pressure cookers such as Instapot works around 10-12 PSI. This can be considered as both, good as well as bad, electric-pressure cooker consists of a feedback system to enhance their functionality. As compared to stove cooker, using Instapot, you don’t need to keep an eye on the food. Also, note that Instant Pot takes 10 minutes more as compared to the pressure cooker.


There is no doubt that, Intapot is considered safer as compared to various other pressure cookers available in the market. However, this doesn’t change the fact that it’s a pressure cooker.

Instant Pot series

Instant Pot is one of the most popular pressure cookers available in the market. It consists of a variety of series and models which feature a different kind of characteristics.

Instant Pot Lux series

Instapot Lux series has two models, IP-LUX50 and IP-LUX60. IP-Lux50 consists of 12 built-in programs, 5.28-quart volume and 900 wattages. IP-Lux60 possess 14 built-in programs along with volume of 6 quart and power usage of 1000 Watts.

Instant Pot DUO Series

DUO Series consists of three models which include IP-DUO50, DUO60, and lastly DUO80. IP DUO50 offers14 smart programs, 900W of usage, and 5-quart of volume. IP-DUO60 also offers 14 smart programs, 1000W of usage and 6-quart volume. Lastly, IP-DUO80 offers 1200W of usage and 8-quart volume.

Instant Pot Smart

This series consists of only one model and also it’s the newest Instapot available in the market. It is the best-advanced Instapot available in the market and it can do work of both Lux and DUO models. It consists of a notch and a programmable app which can be connected with Bluetooth that enables you to control temperature and pressure from your smartphone.

Instant Pot DUO Plus

This series also consists of only one model and possess quite same specs like Instant Pot DUO. Some added functions into the cooker include sterilize function and an “egg” and “cake” program.

Instant Pot line provides great options and every model is built in a way to fulfill the needs of the standard user without any issue.

The Power Pressure Cooker XL Series

The PPC XL line consists of four pressure cookers and all of them are popular in the market. A lot of users are praising for these cookers as they provide great features.

The four pressure cookers include Power Pressure Cooker device XL 6 quart, which possesses a size of 6 quart and has a wattage of 1000. The Power Pressure Cooker device XL 8 quart has a total volume of 8 quart and wattage of 1300. Next, Power pressure cooker 8 XL deluxe, consists of same specs as of XL 8 quart along with an addition of flavor infusion technology. Lastly, Power pressure cooker XL 10 quart which has a volume of 10 quarts and wattage of 1600.

Despite its one of the most amazing product in the market, there are some of the things which you should be aware of. Note that, firstly it takes more cooking time, lacks steam rack and has a short warranty.

A power pressure cooker is a wonderful device which is best suited for a family of 4-6 people. Also, it doesn’t need to constantly check the manual regarding how to program and use it. The cooker is available in a large size also, if you want to make dinner for more people.

The power pressure cooker provides various cooking options, however, it is lacking some features like constant browning and sautéing. It consists of a wide number of options, yet it’s not the perfect cooker. It consists of 4 preset buttons for cooking food along with popular options such as chicken, meat, rice, and beans. It is very simple to use, you just have to press a button and the leave it to the machine.

One of the major reason, why the device is popular is that it provides a feature of canning/ preserving. The main issue with this feature is that it is not yet tested by the National Center for Home Food Preservation (NCHFP) and hence the cooker is not approved. It may not be able to preserve safety as well as food. You should choose the device with cause, whether you want to take benefit of this feature or not.

The device instantly turns on keep warm function as soon as it finishes cooking. Hence, your food remains warm until you are going to eat it. The delay timer enables you to cook food in advance and ready at the time you need it.

All the pressure cooker come with a recipe book, access to an online library of recipes, and safety guide. Power pressure cooker comes with a serving spoon, measuring cup, and a steam rack. Several makers also warn users not to put any unapproved items in the cooker, due to lack of an official steam rack an issue.

The non-stick surface is great, you can cook food without any concern. However, there are few users which report that coating start to peel quickly. The interior of the cooker contains some design, hence several times you might find it difficult to clean, based on the food you have cooked.

This pressure cooker is included with 60 days of coverage, which is the shortest warranty any pressure cooker can have. In most of the cooker, there is at least one year warranty. Also, some cookers provide a warranty of two to three years. Similar to various pressure cookers, the device consists of a lid-locking feature which stops the device from working if the lid isn’t closed properly.

Major differences between Instant Pot and Power Pressure Cooker XL

The first major difference between Instant Pot and PPC XL is, Instapot consists of a yogurt maker function while other one doesn’t. Another difference is, PPC XL provides an option of an extra-large cooker, which is not present in Instant Pot. The most common difference between the two is easily noticeable, which is the price. PPC XL is way too cheaper as compared to an Instant Pot.

The Instant Pot launches new smart models of Instapot, while Power pressure cooker doesn’t.

Which one you should buy?

After doing all analysis, we would suggest you go with an Instant Pot. You may have a question, why? The reason is, the Instapot is best suited for most of the families. Also, Instapot DUO series is most popular across the world. Hence, we would suggest going an Instant Pot.

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A 6Quart model works well for a family for 4-6 members. However, an 8Quart model is best suited for a family of 6-8 members. Also, we would suggest that 8Quart model is suited for everyone. If you have a big family, then you can also go with 10quart power pressure cooker also.

The PPC XL cookers are meant to improve your cooking experience. You are not required to do anything manually, simply select the preset cooking program and then leave it aside. It supports various popular options such as slow cooking but you can’t make yogurt in it.

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Wrapping it up

Lastly, when the comparison is between pressure cookers, we highly suggest you make a detailed list of notes of both the models which you like. Then, you should choose a model which is best suited as per your needs as well as budget.

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