Our History

Who we are?

Instapots reviewers are known to invest thousands of hours testing and researching pressure cookers so that we can recommend you only the best products. We make a profit only when you purchase a product through the links that are posted by us. One thing that we strictly follow is that we never take any free products from the manufacturers.

Our goal is to make sure that you choose the best product for yourself!

How we do it?

While a purchasing a product consumers come across several options. Most of these products are backed by reviews that make all of them sound great. It can be really annoying to go through all the products in order to find the best one.

We can help you with choosing the right product for yourself. Our reviewers and experts evaluate each of the products in each category with great scrutiny and choose only the best out of the lot. They choose the products that matter the most from each category.


We evaluate the products with the help of our special testing equipment. Each of the product is tested multiple times for accurate judgements. We don’t just hand over the product to our consumers to try it out. Almost all the products that we review are tested by us thoroughly. We also have product categories where we put up reviews after analyzing consumer feedback and researching about it properly.

Advice taken from Experts:

To figure out the difference between a bad and good product, we interview expert professional chefs who are in a better position to answer about kitchen appliances.

Customers’ Feedback is important:

We also pay close attention to what the consumers have to say as they have invested their time and money in the product. For this, we regularly conduct surveys in order to gather their opinions. We also scan through online reviews in order to get a clear idea about a product. This is mainly done because in lab testing only the performance of the product is made certain but only real-world experience can tell how long a product will last. This reveals the strength and weakness of a product.

Investing in products:

We purchase all the products that we review. We never accept products for free from a manufacturer. Our aim is to provide 100% objective analysis and therefore, we don’t want our opinion to get influenced by getting a product for free.

What we Intend?

We put in great effort to provide our consumers with the best buying recommendations. We earn money only when a consumer clicks through the page in order to buy the product through our links.