How to Use Instant Pot

How to Use Instant Pot: We are currently living in the millennial where life is evolving every day. With it is evolving our necessities and the requirements that fulfill them. Just when everything around us was beginning to evolve virtually and figuratively, the kitchen appliance makers did not sit back to watch the world go by. With some amazing inventions over the past few years, the kitchen appliance industry has sparked a global phenomenon where women have begun to modify their kitchen.

Women today have embraced the new age kitchen appliances with grace. Why would they not? The inventions these days were theoretical earlier and have taken form now by giving women and men today the satisfaction and leisure of cooking. Cooking can be many things; it can be a hobby, a duty and sometimes a need. If a cook is bored, they will make a food, which has the same boring vibe. Therefore, when the kitchen appliance makers introduced the Instant Pot, it gave relief to many of us.

How to Use Instant Pot

How to Use Instant Pot
How to Use Instant Pot

Before we head over to the details of Instant Pot let us first give you a proper introduction to the product.

What is an Instant Pot?

The Instant Pot is a home appliance invented by Robert Wang in the year of 2010. The concept behind this invention was to provide a multi-purpose cooker. It is an electrically programmable pressure cooker. It comes with a multitude of additional functions apart from the basic boil & cook. The Instant Pot has some amazing functional features and it is quite simple to use. One would be surprised to be able to use the product to its fullest efficiency as it has great functionality. By saying this, we mean that regular users will probably need to read the entire manual. This way they can know about the additional features than the usual use of it. The main function of the Instant Pot is the ‘Pressure Cooker’ mode, which is the necessity of all the users. The use of this product significantly brings down the cooking time as compared to the traditional methods of preparing food.

As traditionally the use of Pressure Cookers were quite slow and lethargic. The basic functionality of the Instant Pot is to work like a Pressure Cooker but with many additional features. Let us brief you about it before detailing its vast features. This product is equipped with a special lid that fits perfectly against the pot. While cooking, a pressure builds up inside the device that causes a pressure because of a sealed lid covering the opening and the water boiling inside. It creates an air pressure by the formation of steam inside the pot. The special thing about this product, unlike the traditional use of pots and Pressure Cookers, is it saves time.

Please note that the Instant Pots advertising states that this product can replace seven kitchen appliances. Among the lot, they can replace a rice cooker, an electric yogurt maker, a steam cooker, slow cooker, etc. It is delightful to use this product as it gives a user the 7-in-1 experience. It is always a good bet when a user can get the benefits of many other appliances in a single purchase of a particular product.

Let us now divulge the great features that the Instant Pot has to give to its users.

  • Stainless Steel

Normally electric pressure cookers have the surfaces made of stainless steel and the housing is made of dielectric plastic, while the Instant Pot does not have the Teflon coating or any other harmful coating. Thus, it does not harm the food when in contact with it.

  • Multitude of Functions

The biggest advantage of this product is it has a number of great functions in itself.

It is much more effective than the slow cookers and the simple pressure cookers. This appliance has a delayed start, thus, it gives the ingredients time to settle in inside the Instant Pot and not instantly begin to cook it. The Instant Pot allows a user to program the cooking for 24 hrs ahead and has several pre-set cooking modes that are easy to use.

  • Energy Saver

The Instant Pot is a product that saves time. It has a self-built-in electric heating element that helps to save energy. The product does not need an additional electric gas or stove, which consumes a lot of energy. Since it has a self-regulating heater, the Pressure Cooker (mode) is safer to use.

  • Time Saver

Perhaps the best feature that needs acknowledgment is the ability of the product to save time. Unlike the slow cookers and the pressure cookers, the Instant Pot is a time saver. It gets the meal ready in stipulated time without making any delays when the kid is hungry and whining. It can roast meat in around 40 minutes for the entire family. This product is extremely useful for weekdays when there is a prevailing rush and the table needs to be set quickly for everyone to have their meal.

  • Easy to Clean

Cleaning is a huge responsibility that users fathom. After all the preparations and the cooking, it gets difficult for users to clean a product. However, thankfully, this 7-in-1 kitchen appliance, the Instant Pot, is quite a relief. It is easy to clean both manually and in the dishwasher.

  • Multifunctional Device

The advertisement itself suggest that the Instant Pot is a multifunctional device and can replace up to seven kitchen appliances including the yogurt maker. Fascinating, right? One can also use the Instant Pot to sauté their dishes. It works efficiently like a regular oven or a stove.

These features provided by the Instant Pot gives everyone the urge to get one for them self. It is not only efficient but also gives great service when it comes to saving time and energy. With harmless cooking and the ability to function in variation, yielding different types of functionality, the Instant Pot is a necessary product to have in one’s kitchen. Now that we have given the detailed features of this product, let us further know about the settings of the Instant Pot. Many of us could confuse or mistake the settings. Nevertheless, we shall guide you through it.

The Instant Pot has sixteen distinct settings that everyone (users) should know for a better experience of the product. There are corresponding numbers of buttons for each setting. These buttons are in the housing. Each of these buttons implies appropriate types of cooking and includes a pre-set cook time. These settings of the Instant Pot also affect the product to select the mode to work on, as a regular pressure cooker mode or the advanced pressure cooker mode.

Let us brief you about the settings:

  1. Chilly/Bean: It allows the meal to cook in an around thirty minutes. It is the high-pressure cooking mode.
  2. Rice: This setting helps to cook your rice fast even on low steam pressure. The cooking time initiates at the 12th minute.
  3. Soup: It enables a soup to be prepared by thirty minutes using high pressure.
  4. Meat/Stew: Using high-pressure, one can prepare meat and stew items in about 20 minutes.
  5. Poultry: One can cook chicken in just fifteen minutes with the help of high-pressure cooking of the Instant Pot. The appliance may require more time to prepare frozen meat compared to the regular meat.
  6. Multigrain: It allows cooking various cereals, quinoa, rice, etc in less than forty minutes by using the high-pressure mode.
  7. Yogurt: The fully automated mode of the product offers three programs to prepare yogurt, fermented rice, and pasteurized milk.
  8. Sauté: This mode in the Instant Pot will replace your skillet in the kitchen. One can cook without a lid to brown the meat to a golden brownish color. It has a adjust button that helps to set the temperatures as per the requirements.
  9. Slow cook: This functional mode implies the use of them without any pressure. Cooking time is adjustable as per the need.
  10. Steam: this mode help cooks healthy food and requires a rack, to avoid burning.
  11. Manual: This mode enables a user to switch pressure levels of the product when in use from high to low in Pressure cooking mode.
  12. Timer: This timer mode allows a user to program the Instant Pot to a delayed start.
  13. Pressure: One can adjust the levels of pressure via this mode on the Instant Pot.
  14. Adjust: This Adjust mode in the Instant Pot is quite useful and beneficial as it enables a user to adjust the temperature of the pot.
  15. Keep warm: A user can use this button to keep the food warm.
  16. Cancel: This is the cancel mode where if you wish to pause or stop what you are preparing to make something else, you can select this mode. This helps you to make changes in the meal and gives you a window to make other necessary adjustments.

To sum it up, the Instant Pot is a one of a kind kitchen appliance that has made users happy all over the world. It gives instant results and does not let anyone go hungry over a delayed serving of food. One can make their meal according to their preferred time by making the adjustment. In short, this product is necessary to buy and needs a place in your kitchen.

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How to Use Instant Pot
  • How to Use Instant Pot


Complete Guideline on How to Use Instant Pot.

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